Luke's Comedy Stage Show is a combination of comedy, strong magic, circus stunts and plenty of audience participation.

Luke Lamont is not just a close-up Magician but is also at equally at home on the stage an accomplished comedian and actor Luke's skills have won him critical acclaim at Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as favourable reviews from media outlets. Metro referred to Luke as "A Natural showman" and added "Luke hits the stage with a quick wit, dashing deceptions and charismatic flair that grabs the audience and makes you smile!".

Luke's Comedy Stage show can be tailored to adults or family-friendly audiences and is perfect for Theatres, Comedy Clubs, festivals and holiday camps or anywhere that has a stage and room for an audience! It’s a blend of laugh out loud comedy, strong magic, circus stunts and the surreal! 

This show can also be scaled down or scaled up depending on your requirements, Luke offers 3 different show durations as well as small performances at private functions for audiences of 50 to 100. 

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